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Xavier Arellano

// drums


Xavier is a WSU alum who spent time with the Cougar marching band as well as the pep band. Jukebox Central is his first "rock band" experience but his chops are right for the rock, blues and especially the Santana tunes that JC covers.

Wayne Barnes

// bass


From blues to Southern Gospel Wayne has played in a number of bands including Barefoot Moses and The Circuit Riders.  His steady groove combines with Xavier's rhythms to keep people on the dance floor.

Aryn Chatterton

// singer


Aryn is a talented vocalist whose "day job" is teaching music to elementary students.  Her charisma and smile light up the stage while her leads and harmonies are essential to the "JC sound".

Scott Smith

// guitar

Scott is an accomplished player who put himself through college teaching guitar when he wasn't playing in bar bands and touring regionally.  Scott lead some bands on the Wet Side before moving to Ellensburg a few years ago to be closer to family.

Rick Miles

// harmonica

Rick founded a garage blues band in Bothell.  Now a resident of Ellensburg for the last few years he's enjoying becoming part of the local music scene.

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